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The Bahamian financial services industry is well regulated and has been repositioned to be a major player in international wealth management and private banking.

At BCS Corporate Group, we follow the guiding light of sound wealth management principles alongside a deep culture and appreciation for client confidentiality and product excellence.

Our guiding light is to provide outstanding service to our diverse pool of clients by surpassing their expectations.

We possess a dynamic and progressive vision for a changing global financial and wealth management environment.

Headquartered in Nassau, The Bahamas, the firm aims to provide personalized and customized services to its worldwide clients.We build on our long-standing expertise and through our visionary team we competently service the demands of our expanding customer base.

We are a one stop shop back office for corporate and fiduciary services.

Our objective is to allow you to focus on what really matters, whilst serving your every need.

We have a passion for the delivery of best customer services. Whatever the challenge, our team of committed experts and network of professionals aim to please. We are committed to provisioning the highest quality of service to our clients.

We see our clients as partners. Our mandate is to forge long-lasting relationships, built on mutual trust.


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