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Shipping & Aviation

Financing, registration & legal advice

Baycourt Chambers’ shipping and aviation practice involves all aspects of legal work relating to marine and aircraft activities. We bring effective and skilful solutions by providing comprehensive legal advice and representation on vessel and aircraft registrations and transfers, ship financing and the acquisitions and registration of aircrafts and yachts, aircraft financing, and aircraft leasing.

Our shipping attorneys provide comprehensive service with respect to the maritime industry.

We possess sound understanding of how the industry works across dry shipping, admiralty and crisis management, and transactional work.

We represent the full spectrum of those involved in the maritime industry, including ship-owners and charterers, banks, international agencies, shipyards, marine insurance underwriters, governments and brokers, litigation, commercial transactions and non-litigation counselling.

We pride ourselves in helping our client reach commercial and practical solutions with an array of transactions and ventures with a cutting-edge approach and legal development.

Our legal professionals understand the procedural and substantive Bahamian law governing ships, shipping, business or commerce transacted at sea, the duties and rights, liabilities of ship owners, shipmasters and other maritime personnel.


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